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Dibenzoylmethane (DBM-83)

CAS No. 120-46-7
Dibenzoylmethane (DBM-83)


Dibenzoylmethane (DBM-83) is a new kind of PVC heat stabilizer, it has better transparency, nontoxic and odorless. In case of combined use with Calcium/Zinc, Barium/Zin and other heat stabilizer, it can greatly improve the initial color, transparency, long term stability of PVC, and also can improve the precipitation and “zinc burning” problem during the process. It has very good synergy with zinc soaps, and can protect the PVC color. This material can absorb UV at 290nm, which has the effect as light stabilizer and act as long term stabilizer for PVC products.



Non-Dangerous Chemicals. Avoid dust formation, avoid breathing vapors, mist or gas.

Package & Storage:

20Kg/25Kg Drums. Store in cool & dry place.

Shelf life:

12 months


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