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Cationic surface sizing agent s660

Cationic surface sizing agent s660




200Kg Drum or 1000Kg IBC .


Its common addition point is within the surface sizing system, at the inlet of thestarch transfer pump or directly added to the used gluing bin. The typical dosage is2~5% (dry starch), which is roughly equivalent to 0.5~2.0kg/ton paper ton. Basically,it needs aluminum sulfate to help with sizing. It should be noted that it cannot bedirectly added to the application of OBA, which can prevent the failure of OBA.For different paper machines, the dosage of surface sizing agent should be optimized inorder to obtain the best sizing effect.


It is suitable for low temperatures as much as possible, but care must be taken toavoid freezing the product.

Recommend Shelf Life:

6 months.


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