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Vinyltris(β-methoxyethoxy) silane

CAS No. 1067-53-4
Vinyltris(β-methoxyethoxy) silane



Note: the above data are for reference only, can not be used as a technical specification


200Kg Drum


• YAC-V172 is used as an efficient adhesion promoter for various mineral-filled polymers, improving mechanical and electrical properties especially after exposure to moisture.
• YAC-V172 is used as a co-monomer for the preparation of different polymers such as polyethylene or acrylics. Those polymers show an improved adhesion to inorganic surfaces and they can also be crosslinked with moisture.
• YAC-V172 is used to improve the compatibility of fillers with polymers, leading to a better dispersibility, reduced melt viscosity and easier processing of filled plastics.
• YAC-V172 is used to pretreat of glass, metals, or ceramic surfaces, improve the adhesion of coatings on these surfaces and corrosion resistance.


Keep container closed and store away from water or moisture.

Recommend Shelf Life:

12 months


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